My name is Agnieszka Juniewicz and I am a Polish woman living in Spain since 2015. I must openly admit that teaching English is my passion and I belong to this group of lucky people who do what they like every day. If I count all the years I have been teaching  English in different places, there will be more than 20.

The beginnings were difficult, full of frustration and a constant "finding myself" in this profession. Destiny then made me live in Spain and set another mission  for me. The result of this professional challenge was the opening of my second language school. The beginning was a bit of a rollercoaster, because as I hadn´t known  Spanish yet, I had to explain certain subjects into English only. Someone might say that this is a positive point, but as life has shown, knowledge of Spanish makes it easier to understand certain linguistic nuances and, above all, to understand the typical mistakes made by Spaniards. My philosophy is to conduct the classes in such a way that the person in front of me feels safe, gets rid of the embarrassment of speaking and believes in his or her language skills. Such an atmosphere together with interesting and inspiring materials is, I dare say, a guaranteed success.

I love discovering new sources and using them in my lessons. For some time now I have also started to create something on my own by adapting to the needs of my Spanish students. I focus on communication that is widely understood and on the practical use of the language.

The idea of this blog is to share with you the materials found online or created by me. If someone likes what I do, it will be another motivation for me to continue my development.

Turn your work into a passion and be lucky! As I consider myself.




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